It’s important to note that the CV™ Series is not consumer-grade. It’s not designed for average joes. It’s not built in a factory that makes pickup trucks. This is a commercial-grade vehicle built for commercial-grade needs. International engineers started with a clean sheet of paper with one mission: create the toughest, most-capable, most upfit-friendly class 4/5 truck at the work site. This means a heavy-duty, gear-driven transfer case, a single, highstrength frame rail, an available air ride suspension, easy-to-reach maintenance points and a long list of heavy-duty details only found on a truck designed by commercial truck engineers.







Options and specifications


– Segment-only gear-driven transfer case. Provides extra strength (no chains to stretch)
– Painted chassis for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance
– Single high strength low alloy steel (50,000 PSI yield strength) frame rail isready for easy upfitting
– GVWR up to 22,900 lbs
– Optional air ride suspension with enginemounted compressor can be used to adjust height and provide a smooth ride for cargo protection and crew comfort
– Commercial-grade Hydromax Braking System
– 4-inch bumper extension is available for robust front-end, grille and radiator protection
-. The Forward-Tilting Hood provides easy access to the engine and routine service points

– Tool-less headlight bulb replacement

– Standard, self-cleaning, high-grip steps are ideally placed so drivers and passengers can enter and exit the cab with ease.
– The DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank refill placement is mounted by the passenger side door to help avoid mixing the wrong fluids and allowsthe tank to be filled without opening the hood


The CV™ Series is built to handle whatever the job site throws at it. Supportive, high-wear cloth seats keep your crew comfortable. Inlaid, triple seal doors reduce outside road noise.
All controls are designed to be easy-to-operate while wearing gloves and plenty of storage options help keep you organized, including an available center console with hanging file
folder capability. Smart, quiet and strong, the CV Series is the ultimate workplace solution.


-4×2: 16,000 – 22,900 lbs.
-4×4: 17,500 – 22,500 lbs.



-CV515: 115” BBC, 34” BA


Cab Configurations
-Regular Cab
-Crew Cab

-High Strength, Low Alloy Steel 50,000 PSI

Wheelbase Options
-Regular Cab
• 141″ (60″ CA)
• 165″ (84″ CA)
• 189″ (108″ CA)
• 201″ (120″ CA)
• 219″ (138″ CA)
• 231″ (150″ CA)
• 243″ (162″ CA)
-Crew Cab
• 175″ (60″ CA)
• 199″ (84″ CA)
• 235″ (120″ CA)

Axle Configurations
-4×2, 4×4

Front Axle
• Dana Spicer 6,000 lbs.
• Dana Spicer 7,000 lbs.
• Dana Spicer 8,000 lbs.
• Dana Spicer 7,500 lbs.

Front Suspension
• Taper Leaf Shackle Type 6,000 lbs. with Shock Absorbers
• Taper Leaf Shackle Type 7,000 lbs. with Shock Absorbers
• Parabolic Taper Leaf 8,000 lbs. with Shock Absorbers
• Parabolic Taper Leaf 7,500 lbs. with Shock Absorbers

Front Stabilizer Bar
-Available Front Stabilizer Bar

Front Brakes
-Hydraulic Disc, Quadraulic Four 64mm Diameter Pistons

Rear Axle
-Dana Spicer S14-110 Single Reduction, 10,000 lbs.
-Dana Spicer S14-110 Single Reduction, 11,000 lbs.
-Dana Spicer S14-110 Single Reduction, 13,500 lbs.
-Dana Spicer S16-130 Single Reduction, 15,000 lbs.
-Dana Spicer S16-130 Single Reduction, 15,500 lbs.

Rear Suspension
-Spring, Vari-Rate: 11,000 – 15,500 lbs.
-Air, International® Ride Optimized Suspension (IROS): 12,000 – 15,500 lbs (4×2 only).

Air Suspension Control Valve
-Available Pressure release Control in Cab

Rear Axle Ratio
-4×2: 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88
-4×4: 4.30

Rear Brakes
Hydraulic Disc, Quadraulic Four 64mm Diameter Pistons

-International® 6.6 V8 Turbocharged Diesel Engine
• 350 hp @ 2700 RPM
• 700 lb. – ft. torque @1600 RPM
• 2900 RPM Governed Speed

-Allison 6-speed: 1700, 1750, 2700 Series
• Available Vocational Codes: HS, RDS, EVS, MH
• With or Without PTO Provision
• Includes Park Pawl
• With Double Overdrive

-Available Transmission-mounted, Right Side (requires PTO-equipped transmission)

Transfer Case (4×4)
-Meritor: 3203, 2-speed, Gear Drive with Electric Shifting Controls, with optional skid plate

• (2) Batteries: 1100 – 1300 CCA
• (3) Batteries: 2250 CCA

• Denso SC2 Brush Type 150 Amps
• Denso SC6 Brush Type 220 Amps
• Denso SC6 Dual Brush Type 150 and 220 Amps

-Jump Start Stud
• Available Remote Mounted

• Halogen Composite Aero with Chrome Trim Bezel
• Halogen Composite Aero with Black Trim Bezel

-Fog lights
• Available (2) Clear Lens, Halogen, Rectangular

-Body Builder Wiring
• Rear of Frame; Includes One Sealed Connector for Separate Ground/Backup/ Left and Right Hand Turn, Left and Right Hand Tail/Stop/ Accessory Power and Combined for Left and Right Hand Stop/Turn
• Back of Cab at Left Frame; Includes One Sealed Connector for Separate Ground/Backup/Left and Right Hand Turn, Left and Right Hand Tail/Stop/Accessory Power and Combined for Left and Right Hand Stop/Turn

Battery Box
-Steel with Plastic Cover, 2 Batteries Parallel to Rail, 28″ Wide, Mounted Left Side Under Cab

Brake System
-Hydromax with Traction Control and Four Channel ABS

Trailer Brake Control
-Available Integrated Trailer Brake Control

Trailer Connection Socket
-Available Mounted at Rear of Frame, Wired for Turn Signals Combined with Stop, Compatible with Trailers That Use Combined Stop, Tail, Turn Lamps

-Bosch: S2 8014 Plus

Fuel Tanks
-Single, Rectangular 25 Gallon, Mounted Between Rails Forward of Rear Axle
-Single, Rectangular 40 Gallon, Mounted between Rails Behind Rear Axle
-Dual, Rectangular 25 Gallon and 40 Gallon

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank
-6.75 Gallon, Frame Mounted Outside Right Rail, Under Cab

Engine Exhaust Brake
-Available Engine Exhaust Brake

Exhaust System
-Horizontal, Frame Mounted, Right Side Under Cab

• WB greater than 141”: Straight tailpipe, exits right oravailable left side ahead of rear axle
• 141″ WB: Over rear axle, exits behind rear axle

Hand Throttle
-Available Engine Speed Control for PTO

Fan Drive
-Viscous Screw On Type, Rear Tether, Electronically Controlled

Engine Block Heater
-Available 120 Volt 800 Watt

Heater Hoses
-Available Silicone Heater Hoses

Keyless Entry System Remote
-Available with Panic Alarm and Horn Beep Lock Confirmation, Includes Two Key Fob Transmitters

Transfer Case Skid Plate
-Frame-mounted Protective Plate (available with off-road package)

-Powder Coat Steel, Accuride 50180 Disc, 19.5×6.75 Rims, 4-Hand Hole, 8-Stud, 275mm BC, Hub-Piloted, Flanged Nut, with Steel Hubs
-Polished Aluminum, Accuride 29695 DISC, 19.5×6.75 Rims, 8-Stud, 275mm BC, Hub-Piloted, Flanged Nut, with Steel Hubs


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